Ten Years After…

So I can tell its been a while since I have posted anything and for that I only feel somewhat bad.  I have, in the interim, moved to California, got engaged, enrolled in a Ph.D program and a few other things that are not coming to mind at the moment.  The important part is that things are moving along at a herky jerky pace and that is the way that I like it!

I am going to attempt to keep a better record of what I am doing on this page from now on.  I think that writing on a regular basis about things that I care about will help me with the impending writing that I have to do for work and school.  It’s been an intresting transition and an intresting 7 months.  Its had its ups and downs and more than once I think I made some bad decisions.

I am finally starting to settle into the 9-5 work life with about 8-10 hours a week extra doing research for Dr. G.  Got and aparptment and moved in.  Got a routine.  I will try to make posting a part of that routine.