Back in the Bluegrass

Heading home for the annual Beaux-Arts Ball this coming week!! Yeah!

There is also the site visit for TESS here at Ames.  I have been busting my ass on an embedded system for this damn site visit for a month and a half.  Its looking like we are going to have to show a bit less functionality than I would like to have had but hey, considering we only got the hardware on site today I think what we have is pretty good!

Its been interesting working on this project at NASA and looking back to some of the projects Mom administered at LSC.  Two very different styles and the people working for the contracts seem to have very different motivations in why they are working.  Its been an interesting learning experience and I think I am going to come away with a lot from this.

Got a patent and a paper submitted last month (WOOO!).  I still haven’t heard if either one has been accepted but I should know soon enough.  Hopefully I get them because its going to help me brag about myself later on when I need to!

Dinner time!