New Look ‘n Feel

Just got done switching around the website for the 38th time.  I think the feel now is a little more professional.  I am attempting to consolidate this site into a catch-all as a resume site, teaching site, and blog.  Hopefully this plan doesn’t blow up in my face for some reason (angry students spam posting or something).

I added a publications section and got it all updated and current with all the official and un-official publications and major presentations that I have done.  I might need to break it down between “NASA” and “Academic” since the whole jeckell/hyde career path has led to a disjointed listing.

Other than that, just cleaning up and getting ready for the semester.  I hope to do my qual this semester and achieve “ABD” status here in the next couple weeks.  Waiting to hear back on Liz’s grad school status for the fall and get some wedding planning out of the way as well.  Its not busy here… nope, not. at. all.