Back in the Saddle

It was a fun summer.  Got married, went to about 5 other weddings.  Got to see great friends, travel the country, go to Costa Rica, move apartments…. maybe a few other things I am forgetting?  Its been a heck of a summer, much like the last summer I took off in 2006.  Traveled all over and got to have a few life changing experiences as well.

I have updated the site’s look and added my CV. I am going to attempt to use this as a professional site for some upcoming projects.  I am going to attempt to have some independent projects that I write up here.  We’ll see how the semester goes with time allocations.

Dr. Goldsmith and I got our grant so I am a fully funded student for the fall.  It feels really good to not have to worry about money for a little while.  I also get to go to Germany and meet some of my co-authors!  Really looking forward to an exciting semester of new research and new projects here at the new house with the new wife.  Its all new…