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ARM Dev.

So later this week I get to start doing some ARM development.  Using Atmel parts (AT91SAM7A3 for those interested).  There is a GNU tool chain so I can actually install stuff when I get the parts and don’t have to wait around for 3 weeks while I get a PO for the development environment.

I can only hope that moving to ARM provides me some relief from trying to do general computing, command, and control on an 8-bit Microchip PIC.  Attempting to explain why we can’t multiply floating point matricies together while doing communications has really gotten on my nerves.   It seems like parts are chosen at random here and then never changed out to meet new engineering needs.  Se la vi….

At least this is a part that I chose to address the application at hand (ya know, the way things should be).

Website Updated

Spent some time updating the website today.  Got it to post up calendars’ for Liz and I so that, maybe, our parents can stop asking what we are doing all the time.  Decided to go ahead and link the Picassa web albums in with this too since I don’t like to take the time to upload all my pictures to Facebook.

I want to, eventually, get a brief writeup on all my research and hobby projects up on the research wiki.  I think it would go a long way towards keeping everyone up to date with what I am working on.  I am under no delusions that anyone actually reads this site. But, given its complete lack of content I understand why no one does.  Hopefully if I get some content up, like pictures and the projects that I am working on, someone besides my advisor might actually read it.