I have been privileged to be an instructor in both formal and informal capacities at multiple institutions and levels of responsibility. I have had the opportunity to be a full instructor, joint instructor, lab instructor, research tutorial instructor (available on the Publications page), intern supervisor at a government facility, and a supervisor to undergraduate and graduate students at various universities. I have developed my scholarship of teaching through both coursework, receiving a certificate in College Teaching and Learning from the University of Kentucky, and through publishing conference and journal articles related to teaching.

I have been lucky enough to be recognized for my teaching several times over the years. In 2008 I received the University of Kentucky Department of Computer Science ACM/UPE Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award.  I received an Honorable Mention for the same award in 2010.  In 2011 I was one of 4 finalists university wide for the University of Kentucky Provost’s Teaching award.

My complete teaching statement, including mentoring and courses I can teach, can be found here.

Past Teaching

In addition to guest lectures for various upper level courses in artificial intelligence while at the University of Kentucky and research tutorials (available on the Publications page) I have served as a primary or assistant instructor at multiple colleges and universities over the years.

  • University of New South Wales
    • Semester 2 2013, Semester 2 2014, Semester 2 2015: Joint instructor at UNSW for COMP 4418: Knowledge Representation and Reasoning with (variously) Maurice Pagnucco, Michael Thielscher, and Toby Walsh.
  • Bluegrass Community and Technical College
    • Spring 2012: Instructor for CIT-105: Introduction to Computing, a required general studies introductory course which covered the basics of how computers work and the broad cultural issues surrounding modern technology.
    • Spring 2012: Instructor for CIT-130: Productivity Software, a course that taught students basic proficiency in the Microsoft Office suite of products.
  • University of Kentucky
    • Spring 2010: Lab Instructor for CS215: Introduction to Program Design, Abstraction, and Problem Solving, second semester programming course for majors which was offered in C++.
    • Fall 2007, Fall 2009: Instructor for CS115: Introduction to Computer Programming (night course), first semester programming course for majors which was offered in C++.
    • Spring 2007: Lab Instructor for CS221: First Course in Computer Science for Engineers, survey course of C++ aimed at non-computer science majors.
    • Fall 2006: Lab Instructor for CS115: Introduction to Computer Programming, first semester programming course for majors which was offered in C++.