Howdy! I am a Research Staff Member at the IBM TJ Watson Research Laboratory in the Cognitive Computing Group.  My research is broadly in artificial intelligence (AI) and its applications; I am motivated by problems that require a blend of techniques to develop systems and algorithms that support decision making for autonomous agents and/or humans. Most of my projects and leverage theory, data, and experiment to create novel algorithms, mechanisms, and systems that enable and support individual and group decision making.  I try to make as much of the code and data available through PrefLib and GitHub.

Along with Prof. Toby Walsh, I am the founder and maintainer of PrefLib: A Library for Preferences.   So check it out at www.PrefLib.org for lots of great preference data and PrefLib-Tools on GitHub for more data wrangling tools.  We also have had a great time with our Exploring Beyond the Worst Case in Computational Social Choice (EXPLORE) series held at AAMAS in 201420152016, and (soon) 2017.

Previously, I was a senior researcher working with Prof. Toby Walsh in the AI & Algorithmic Decision Theory Group at Data61, formerly known as the Optimisation Group at NICTA, a unit of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).  I am (still) an adjunct lecturer in the School of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) and member of the Algorithms Group at the University of New South Wales in beautiful Sydney, Australia.  Before that, I was a Ph.D student at the University of Kentucky (UK) working with Prof. Judy Goldsmith on AI and Complexity Theory. And in the way olden days I worked for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Ames Research Center designing embedded hardware and software flight systems for nano-satellites.

In another life I drove trucks full of carnival prizes all over central Kentucky and Indiana … you don’t know fun till you’ve delivered several hundred pounds of stuffed animals to shooting booths at remote county fairs.

I can be reached at: N.Mattei <AT> ibm.com OR nsmattei <AT> gmail.com. Remember to substitute between the angle brackets!

Some photos from living upside down (turn monitor over for full effect).

Some Current Things You Should Submit To!

I am currently on the Senior Program Committee for AAMAS 2017 and the Program Committee for AAAI 2018, FLAIRS 2017IJCAI 2017, and ADT 2017 — consider submitting if you are working on AI or decision theory!!

In conjunction with ACM SIGAI I am organizing the ACMSIG AI Student Essay Contest on the Responsible Use of AI Technologies.  We have great prizes!! Please encourage your students to submit!

I am also co-organizing the 4th Workshop on Exploring Beyond the Worst Case in Computational Social Choice (EXPLORE 2017) @ AAMAS 2017!

I am also on the DC committee for ADT 2017 — encourage your students to apply!

Some Slightly Older Things